Wow, how time certainly flies!

Hard to believe that it is over 40 years since we first opened our store in a lovely refurbished Victorian home downtown on Queen’s Road.

But really the business goes back to the early 70’s when I used to decorate for clients out of my home office.

Styles have certainly changed over the years, but customers love of style certainly has not.

Today’s customers want their houses to be beautiful, but to be very much a functioning home as well.

A home where they can enjoy their solitude if they like, or enjoy it with family and friends (pet friendly)….homes need to be as serviceable as they are welcoming.

And …today people are very fashion forward, partially thanks to the number of decorating shows, traveling and social medias that are all easily accessible and readily available.

So…at Hayward’s it is important for us to be “the place” where the most wonderful home furnishings can be found, because making your home beautiful and welcoming has always been our mission.  

We may show like a “Big” store as we have over 25,000 square feet of showroom, filled with the most wonderful assortment of the latest home fashions; from Sofas to Canadian solid wood furnishings, and rugs to lamps.

If you are looking for beautiful items for your home you will find what you are looking for here as our assortment is vast!

But, we are still a small local family business where everyone who works here is “part of our little family” and where our family is committed to providing service like it used to be, with the personal touch when so much of the world has lost that today; from professional decorating assistance and consulting, to our phenomenal delivery team and everything in between.

At Hayward’s we are here to make your home furnishing shopping experience as pleasant and rewarding as it should be…welcome you to our Hayward’s Home.

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